Healthy skin is largely a reflection of good general health. As such the skin’s appearance is influenced by the consumption of dietary supplements, including vitamins and antioxidants, and the effects of nutrition on the skin have received increasing attention. A number of clinical studies have shown that dietary supplementation can improve skin condition, and reverse the signs of ageing. (11)

The Results

Verisol® is the key ingredient in Collagen Lift™. Recent clinical trials have shown that a daily dose of 5g of Collagen Lift™ significantly reduces wrinkle depth after four weeks, and almost doubled its effect after 8 weeks.

Trial 1 - Wrinkle Depth

Trial One Result

EYE WRINKLE VOLUME: After 8 weeks the Verisol® group showed an average decrease in wrinkle volume of 20% and a maximum reduction of 50%! 4 weeks after the final intake, the Verisol® group still showed a decrease in eye wrinkle volume showing the lasting effect of the product.

wrinkle depth

Trial 2 - Skin Elasticity

Trial Two Result

ELASTICITY: After 8 weeks the Verisol® group showed an average 7% increase in skin elasticity. In some subjects the increase in elasticity measured up to 30%.

98% of the Bioactive Collagen Peptide® group showed improved elasticity 4 weeks after intake - suggesting a long-lasting effect.


Trial 3 - Skin Hydration

Trial Three Result


Trial 4 - Collagen Content

Trial Four Result


After 8 weeks of treatment the Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides® group showed an increased collagen content of 65%, with elastin content having increased by 18% when compared with the control group.


Trial 5 - Cellulite Reduction

Trial Five Result


A daily dosage of 2.5g VERISOL® for 6 months had a positive impact on women affected by moderate cellulite.

  • Significant improvement in the cellulite score , about 9% reduction for women with BMI < 25 (normal weight).
  • Significant decrease in the waviness: -11% for women with BMI < 25 and -8% for women with BMI > 25.

trial 5


Trial 6 - Stronger Nails

Trial Six Result

A daily dosage of 2.5g VERISOL® for 6 months promoted an increase of up to 15% in nail growth and a decrease of the frequency of cracked nails.

At the end of the study, 80% of the participants agreed that the use of collagen had improved their nails' appearance and 75% perceived their nails to be stronger.


Collagen Lift™ Paris provides healthy and younger looking skin by working from the inside out. Combined with a personalised professional skincare regime, Collagen Lift™ Paris actively improves the appearance and long term health of the skin. By using an SPF based facial moisturiser as prescribed by a skincare professional and making good lifestyle choices such as a balanced diet, both contribute to the effectiveness of the clinically proven results Collagen Lift™ Paris delivers. Also, as Collagen Lift™ Paris is ingested it has been shown to have added benefits all over the body, improving the appearance of skin imperfections and increasing nail strength.