ELLE Fella Malibongwe Tyilo tries and tests new French collagen drink, Collagen Lift Paris: 

Last week I celebrated by 37th birthday. Now, I have no real issues with getting older and, to be honest, I’m looking forward to it. In fact, I’ve been telling most people I’m 37 for the past year already. Admittedly for that ‘you look great for 37’ reaction. I am a total sucker for it, so I thought I’d make it a reaction that happens more often by trying Collagen Lift Paris.

It comes in a box with 28 ampoules, promising to decrease wrinkles, increase elasticity and moisture, and improve skin tone. You mix it with a glass of water in the morning and drink before breakfast. The whole process reminds me a bit of the immortality potions in the Meryl Streep movie Death Becomes Her, which came out in 1992 (when the idea of taking collagen to maintain my youthful look was the furthest thing from my mind).

As is sometimes the case with beauty products, you might find out that a product you’ve been using for a long time actually does nothing for your skin, or worse, it’s actually bad for you. Just Google the latest articles on whether toner is good for you or not to see what I mean. For a while now face creams have been advertising added collagen as a main attraction, but now, an overwhelming amount of articles say your skin doesn’t actually absorb that collagen, that smearing collagen on your skin is a bit like throwing bricks at a wall and expecting them to make the wall stronger. And this is where collagen supplements come in. Because you ingest them, the collagen is absorbed and distributed internally. The added benefit of a collagen supplement is that, besides being good for your skin, it is also good for your joints.

Although I don’t really have any wrinkles yet, my skin tone was starting to get patchy, as can happen with age and, although I do moisturize regularly, my skin often felt dry. It’s been two months since I started using Collagen lift and my skin feels a whole lot less dry, it feels suppler and my skin tone has (very noticeably) begun to even out. But most importantly, I am getting the reaction I want every time someone asks me my age. Would I recommend it? Absolutely.



Girl ampoule1Gone are the days when a mere waxy layer of your Granny’s cold cream was considered sufficient skin care. We look for sophisticated products that promise more moisture, less wrinkles and the fountain of youth. But in truth, many ingredients in today’s skin creams don’t sufficiently penetrate the skin because their molecules are too big to be absorbed.

SKIN 101

The skin is the largest organ in the body and its primary job is to keep harmful things out, like dirt, bacteria, chemicals and pollutants. Consequently its structure is designed not to absorb, but rather to repel foreign matter; this is why many basic skin creams literally sit on the surface of the skin, providing mild hydration to only the most outside layer.


Wrinkles are small folds in the skin that are created through overuse, a decline in the structure of the skin and exposure to harmful elements in the environment. Also, as we age the structure of the skin deteriorates because we produce much less collagen.

So back to ingredients. What does what, and how does it get to where it needs to go in order to prevent wrinkles and create smoother, healthier looking skin.


Retinol is an active form of the vitamin A molecule, and is a powerful exfoliant that stimulates the lower layers of skin to turn over younger cells, more often. It also increases the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, making skin more supple and smooth. However the effects are limited by its inefficient penetration through the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Despite its rather aggressive name, Hyaluronic Acid is in fact a naturally occurring substance in the body that regulates cell renewal, lubricates connective tissue and maintains skin’s moisture and elasticity. Able to hold up to 1000x its own weight in water, Hyaluronic Acid is amazing for dehydrated skin. The molecules however are quite large and can’t fully penetrate the outer layers of the skin to fill wrinkles when used topically, and it is therefore often injected for optimal results.



Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It supports the skin from the inside to keep it firm and youthful and is essential in developing new, healthy skin cells. The more collagen you produce, the less wrinkles you will have. But collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin when applied in a cream.



Many topically applied ingredients are not absorbed into the skin. However, there are some effective ingredients that work particularly well when taken as supplements, including Collagen, Omegas and Vitamin C.



Collagen is essential to maintain youthful looking skin. As we get older, particularly after 40, we produce significantly less collagen which is why the skin shows signs of aging. But now there is a drinkable collagen, Collagen Lift™ Paris, to supplement the collagen in the body. It is easily absorbed and has been clinically proven to increase collagen densities, inhibit the decrease of collagen in the skin and reduce wrinkles by up to 50%.

Supplement your diet with one ampoule of Collagen Lift™ every day and start looking younger.


Press Release


Bye-bye Botox and facelifts. Popular French collagen drink is set to take South Africa by storm!

Collagen Lift™ Paris is a daily collagen drink that is easily absorbed by the body and has been clinically proven in trials in Germany and France to increase collagen densities, reduce wrinkles by up to 50% and increase skin elasticity and hydration.

Collagen Lift™ Paris is further enhanced with Mediterranean seaweed extract and Vitamin C making it a potent source of anti-aging collagen, minerals and antioxidants.

Collagen is a critical component of skin providing structure and elasticity to keep skin looking plump and youthful. With age collagen breaks down and over time the body’s capacity to re-generate collagen reduces – a double whammy for aging skin. In the first 5 years of menopause, women may lose as much as 30% of their skin collagen!

By using Collagen Lift™ Paris, women can now replenish lost collagen from within and without using external products which most often do not penetrate the skin deeply enough to be really effective. Now there is no need for injections or surgery which are both painful and invasive.

Trials in South Africa have proven the same results as in Europe. Testimonials from South African women who participated are that within 3 weeks their skin was brighter and their faces smoother. After 8 weeks there was an all-round, marked improvement in the skin on the face and neck with reduced lines, plumped out eye area and lessened crow’s feet.

Collagen Lift™ Paris comes in a user-friendly ampoule to be taken in the morning diluted in water or juice, packaged in a one-month supply. The product itself is palatable and compared to most other face care regimes is a simple one-step process with incredible long lasting results.

Collagen Lift™ Paris is available from the website: and costs R680 for a box of 28 ampoules.

5 Tips to Avoid Dry Skin This Winter

Your skin is driest in winter, which is intensified in high altitude areas such as Gauteng. Skin dehydration is aggravated by changes in temperature for example when you move between cold temperatures outside and the comforting warmth of indoors; this strips moisture from your pores. Heaters and fireplaces also reduce humidity and dry out your skin.

Our tips for avoiding dry skin this winter

Hair and skin care1. Have luke warm baths: A 20-minute, boiling-hot bath or shower feels great, especially in winter, but staying in hot baths for too long breaks down lipid barriers in your skin, as does frequent swimming, allowing moisture to escape from your skin.

2. Use a dry body brush or body scrub to exfoliate your skin at least once a week and moisturise every day.

3. Protect your skin as much as possible when you go outdoors in cold weather; wear gloves, wrap a scarf around your face and protect your hair from the wind and cold with a hat.

4. Eat healthy: load up on omega-3 fats, which help normalize your skin fats and prevent dehydration in your cells. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetable juice is also wonderful for your skin.

5. Drink Collagen Lift™ once a day: Treat your skin with collagen from the inside out! Each drinkable Collagen Lift™ ampoule contains 5g of Verisol® a Bioactive Collagen Peptides proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin condition. Further enhanced with Mediterranean seaweed extract proven to be soothing for sensitive, irritated and dry skin, Collagen Lift™ is a potent source of anti-ageing collagen, minerals and antioxidants for your skin.

27-year-old Direshni Moodley from Johannesburg has started using Collagen Lift™ and is very excited by the improvements to her skin condition.

“From the age of puberty I have always suffered with very dry skin. No matter the product I used or the amount, nothing worked. I used a hydrating cream every day and had to keep reapplying throughout the day. I decided to give Collagen Lift™ a try and received wonderful benefits. It took two weeks to start seeing a difference and start using less product on my face.  For the first time my skin isn’t dry and my hydration levels have drastically improved!”